2019 "My City Magazine"

Best Produce and Best Organic Produce

The Salvation Army

Genesee/Shiawassee Regional Command 2020 Rookie of the Year!

Tri-County Times Best of the Best

2021 Best of the Best              2021 Favorite

Catering                                         Bakery

Fried Chicken                                Barbeque

Grocery Store                                Deli

Meat/Butcher                                 Hamburger


2022 Best of the Best             2022 Favorite

Fried Chicken                                Bakery

Grocery Store                                Barbeque

Social Media                                  Deli

social media                                  Meat/Butcher


2023 Best of the Best            2023 Favorite

Fried Chicken                                Bakery

Grocery Store                                Chef

Grocery store                                Workplace

Grocery Store                                Deli

Grocery store                                Caterer

Grocery store                                Meat/Butcher

      2023 Enterprise of the Year Award

      The business recipient must be a current Member of the Fenton Regional Chamber, in business MORE than 10 years, and demonstrated the following:

      • Established a landmark presence in the area
      • Significant involvement in and contribution to the Fenton Regional Chamber, the Fenton community and/or surrounding communities
      • Excellence in business practices and conduct providing a model for other businesses