Alpine Marketplace Rewards

Alpine Marketplace Rewards

Even More Ways To Help You Save!

We appreciate your business and are delighted that you choose to shop with us. We are always looking for ways to save you money by offering everyday low prices and hundreds of sale items every week. Now, we want to do even more, by making your shopping with us a rewarding experience.

  1. E-Coupons
    Now savings are just a click away! Register today to receive digital coupons and special offers right in your email inbox. Register to receive money–saving e–coupons you simply show on your phone when you check out. Watch for specials offers created just for you. You’ll love these extra savings!

          Register now by clicking here: E-Coupons Registration

  2. Alpine Marketplace Rewards – Points Program
    And Now It's Even Better!
    Now redeem your points automatically at checkout!

How It Works

  • You get all our sale prices without a card, but you’ll get EVEN MORE savings when you use your card each time you shop!
  • Earn points on all qualifying purchases and redeem your points for great rewards!
  • Now redeem your points at checkout without going online! Earn personalized discounts and coupons:
      → 2500 points: FREE fresh-baked French Baguette
      → 5000 points: $2 off Deli Dept. purchase of $5 or more
      → 10000 points: $5 off purchase of $10 or more
      → 15000 points: $5 off produce purchase of $10 or more
      → 20000 points: $5 off Meat Dept. purchase of $10 or more
      → 25000 points: $10 off purchase of $15 or more
  • Points are redeemed conveniently at checkout
  • You'll never stop earning points, but any unredeemed points will expire 1 year from accrual
  • Receive exclusive offers for the things you buy direct to your inbox!
  • Purchases of lottery, postage, gift cards, tobacco products, any items prohibited by law, and wholesale purchases are not eligible toward Alpine Marketplace Rewards

Your Email Is A Key to EVEN MORE Savings!

  • We use your email address to give you special offer opportunities, updates on your Alpine Marketplace Rewards account, and other valuable information
  • We will not overwhelm your inbox or share your personal information

Registration Is Easy!

  • Membership in Alpine Marketplace Rewards is FREE!
  • Your Alpine Marketplace Rewards card is active as soon as you receive it, but registering with a valid email address will allow you to enjoy the full benefit of our new Rewards Program
  • Registration with a valid email address will allow you to receive exclusive email–only specials


  • Email us by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page
  • Call us at (810) 735-5100

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Mon-Sat 8:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday 8:00am to 9:00pm

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